Hi all,

First post so please pardon the redundancy. I currently live in Australia on an 18 month kick from the States. About four months ago I bought an Epiphone PR-100, took a few lessons, and am now definitely feeling it... I love it.

In November, I'll be moving back to the states where I plan to continue the learning process, but not with this guitar (It will cost more to bring it home than what it is worth. Plus I think I can make more of the inflated amount I paid back by selling it here). So the age old question when I return: How much of an investment does a 'beginner with some potential' make? Does it make sense (after seven months) to step into a mid-level guitar that will stick with me for some time? I have played a few high end guitars and certainly can feel and hear the difference. I should also note that I am familiar with brands and would plan on trying as many as possible before pulling the trigger. I don't want to overbuy... I've done that before and I certainly don't want to sell myself short.

Thank you!
i say definitely look for a good medium level instrument. if you're really enjoying playing and you know you'll stick with it then i think it's totally worth it. and to make it seem a bit more on the reasonable side i'd even go with a nice used guitar. your resale will be much better if you find it's not for you, and you can make your budget go a bit farther with a used instrument.
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If you've got the money do what you like .

Try out a $500ish guitar perhaps - nothing too fancy but it'll get the job well done.


OP actually isnt far off in his original choice

i have been playing for 7 years an d i own an Epiphone guitar it was a recent purchase that i selected for my 19th bday
i think if you can feel and hear the difference in a high/mid end guitar you should go with it.

it pains me the most seeing a beginner who goes for the expensive guitar but cannot justify buying it other than it being expensive.

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Thats great folks, thanks a ton. The Epiphone I have now is nice, but it has that crisp, slight tinging sound that is less than appealing. Alas, I'm ready for a promotion.

I'm definitely looking forward to stepping into something I can grow into. The pre-owned route is a great idea.

Great site, I look forward to contributing.

Thanks again.
It sounds you are into your playing and will keep going. Having a better guitar (that you can notice the difference) will inspire you even more to play, especially now that that you can play a bit and make an informed choice. I remember when I first upgrde from my supermarket guitar to my first decent guitqr - it opened up a whole new world of playing (not that the epiphone is that bad though).

You are lucky that you will be soon be able to buy in the US - unlike us Aussies having to pay double for everything or pay huge shipping costs....