Just finished putting together another song, thought I'd get some of you guys' opinions on it. This one's more orchestrally based, and it's got the guitar just as a rhythm/backing instrument. The mix could be better, but tell me what you think of the song itself. It's at http://www.myspace.com/siberianbloodtiger. I'll C4C, just give me a link to the topic where yours is.
Guitar is good, but I think the orchestral part is the best part (very good!) overall. Not sure what that percussive sound is, but I like it. Audio quality is good. Sometimes the guitar sounds too dry to my ears & other times it sounds just fine to me. Not sure if a little bit of reverb would help. Maybe some delay? I think this would be good background music for a TV show. Please review my music at this link:

Thanks guys! The percussion is some techno instruments (though I layered the snare with a rock snare sample as well) that I like to use. The guitar sounds dry at parts because I wasn't putting too much of a focus on it at the time, so I just single-tracked it and didn't do anything with it. I'm going to fix that at some point.

Thanks again for the input, anyone else?