I have a Crate V8 Palomino series amp. Once the amp is turned on and the tubes heat up, I get a hum from the speaker. The amp has one power tube and one pre-amp tube, both of which I have swapped out with new ones. Also, when I plug an instrument into it, I get no sound out of the instrument. I have looked at the in-put jack, the fuse, and all solder joints and they all seem to be fine. Any suggestions on what it should be?
Is this a combo amp or a head?
In either case, you should make sure that either the speaker cables connecting the head to the cab or, in the case of a combo, the speakers are correctly soldered into the power module of the amp.
I had that problem once or twice, and like I'm suggesting, it was just a cable problem.
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The amp is a combo. I changed the power tube out. I know it is not the speaker connection. Thanks for the replies though.