I'm curious as to whether GC rents gear or not 'cos I've never seen anything saying whether they did or not. I've gotta use a bass setup for one night and figured it'd be easier to rent than pay $5-$600 for a good bass amp from Craigslist haha

All responses appreciated
I don't know, but I'd imagine not.

Think of all the damaged/cum-stained equipment that would be returned to them if they did.
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yeah, if you wanted to be massive ripped off for as said, cumstained, cheap equipment.

never. ever. shop at GC.
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All responses appreciated

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Yes, they just let you BORROW stuff for a small sum of money.

Would you rent out your guitar?
I think they're in the business of selling equipment, not renting. I know there are places that rent, like Chicago Music Exchange, but that may be outside your budget.
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Maybe they have a return policy you can take advantage of?
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Blargh.. zebras.. Alright then, I'll just ask a buddy of mine then, thanks guys (n' gals if it applies, can never tell w/ screennames xP)
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OT: Not that I know of. The only reason I'd step foot in a Guitar Center would be to mess around on the equipment
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Funniest post I've read in months.

Maybe they have a return policy you can take advantage of?

Aw u guize
My name is Danny. Call me that.
is it wrong that I thought that "zebras" was some kind of slang I was not aware of?
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