Hey all,

I've covered 'Too much love will kill you' by Queen.
Had great fun doing it, and hope you enjoy it too!

Please comment on youtube if you've got an account there, and leave a comment here to tell me that you've done so (so I can give feedback on something of yours!)

C4C as always!
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i like the cover...queen is a great band.. or was also freddie mercury.. one of the greatest voices ever.
Very nice, I really liked your vocals!
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Thanks for the crit and good job on this, not really my kinda thing so i've not heard the original, but i think it sounded great. Your voice is awesome, better than most on UG and i wasn't expecting that, great singing. The overall sound is pretty good for an amateur recording, but the default midi drums sound a little out of place in this track. Can't complain about the piano or bass though. I think the violin playing could have been a little louder also.