Has anyone tried them? The RG1421F and RG1451 are the only RG prestige guitars with a fixed bridge (not counting any discontinued models if there are any), but I prefer the latter. I could order one and have it shipped to GC, but I don't have the money atm. I would like to see some reviews of it. There aren't any here.
I'll just take the plunge and order it when I have some cash. Then spend some more on a good amp. Need to apply for a part-time job at my university...

So yeah just throwing it out there. If anyone is interested in a fixed bridge guitar from Ibanez's RG Prestige series, this is it!
Pretty decent guitars. Don't one but have played them.
Good for messing with alternate tunings while still getting a good metal tone. Don't have to screw around with the floyd rose on most Ibanez guitars.
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i played one, it was horrible, felt cheap.

probaly was a lemon though.
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