Hey sup guys, I received an ART SGX T2 effects board and a art ultrafoot x-15 pedalboard, I have tried setting it up to my Fender princeton chorus amp, and Im having a couple problems.

I am just confused on how to set them both up correctly, kind of sad.

Could anyone be kind enough to explain exactly what to do so I can get everything set up correctly.
I just want to make sure it's right.

If it helps here are the manuels
sgx t2-http://www.artproaudio.com/products.asp?id=33&cat=14&type=91
Manuel at the bottom.


I have all the cables, yeah so if someone could just give me some simple instructions that'd be great(Plug guitar-etc, midi inputs-etc,etc)

I'd really appreciate it, thanks.
soz bro i cant help but i can bump........
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this quick start guide should help you get the T2 up and running

I'm unfamiliar with this kit, but somewhere on the T2 there'll be an input for a MIDI cable. Connect the X15 to it with that and then refer to the manuals to use it.

So basically
Guitar >>> Amp (>>> effects loop) >>> T2 >>> X15