Hello all, after a long while away I'm wanting to get back to playing some, and am thinking a new axe will help inspire me

I'm looking for *any* good feedback regarding the Ibanez ART2EX1 compared to the PRS SE's (Singlecut / Korina / Tremonti, specifically)
Does anyone have any experience with these? What are your thoughts as to best overall value for the buck, between these two?
Any thoughts appreciated
I just posted a similar thread except i'm just looking for something bad about the ART2EX1 I might've overlooked or not seen. Personally I LOVED the ART2EX1, I picked it up after playing a couple prs/gibsons and thought it felt tons better..but thats me. Necks on the PRS and ART are similar, but the bridge and the feel of the ART won me over. The Gibraltor bridge was just sex on my palm and felt sooo nice compared to other bridges. I would change pickups in any of those guitars but otherwise they sound nice enough.
hmm. That's interesting. So you're saying tone and fretboard/action (I guess) were similar, and it was primarily bridge feel. I guess -- and maybe I'm not a good enough player --- but I've never really considered that a huge factor. I mean yeah I rest my left palm pad there, but....hmm.

My thing is if they're close to equal, the Ibanez wins on price. So that's why I'm curious as to others impressions

Thanks for that feedback
That's odd that the fretboards were similar- PRS is famous for the "wide-fat" style, I thought Ibanez did the whole paper thin route.

Personally, the PRS feels great to me, and I'm GASing for one, haha. My hands are too big for most Ibanez necks, but if they're similar I'll have to check out that one.
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