so im in the now awesome market for a low wattage tube amp and theirs soo many choices. I play a modified squire stratocaster standard with fender mod shop pickups and may be picking up some jackson for cheap

i like stuff such as alice in chains, tool, rhcp, hurt, plink floyd, foo fighters.
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Fender Champion if your strapped for cash.....Fender Twin Reverb, Marshall JVM something, Peavey JSX, Orange amp of any kind, Vox makes some ok amps, haven't' heard specific models though.

i dont think most of them come in low wattage, by low wattage..i mean like 15watts or less, in a combo amp... im probably looking to spend 250$ but i can save for a bit more if need be.. my spider 3 can hold me off tell i can get something good
Oh, I was just naming off things that could get the tones you mentioned, maybe a Marshall Class 5, Fender Blues Junior, Vox Night Train I have heard of and it's ok, Jet City amps, Peavey Royal 8.

Just look around on Musicianfriend and post if you have questions about a specific amp.
For $250 your not gonna have many options. Maybe a used Blackheart Little Giant? As far as a low watt recommendation. I'd recommend an Egnater Tweaker. I love mine more and more each day. It has so many tones and I'm almost positive it could get very close to the bands you mentioned.
great little amp. how much is the orange ad5 though? if its in your range id say go for that
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Fender Super Champ XD. It's a 15W Tube amp, with a modeling (16 models) channel. Look it up, and I'm SURE you could find it lightly used for $250, or just spend 50 more and get the thing new.
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As long as it has a master volume....it really doesn't matter how many watts.
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As long as it has a master volume....it really doesn't matter how many watts.

+1, well as long as it's a good one, anyway. a lot of that more modern stuff relies more on preamp gain, anyway- and a lot of those low watt amps won't do those tones, cranked or not.
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The Bugera V22 is a great amp and will pretty much do all that you want to do with it.
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