I like playing vocal melodies on my electric guitar but most of the time the tone isnt right (Like compared to a piano, where any vocal melody would sound good on) . Any suggestions on a decent tone for vocal melodies? Im playing through a Podx3 so I can make up whatever suggestions are out there.
stabbing in the dark here but...

try clean channel...neck pickup...roll tone down a little bit

or lead channels, neck pickup...

all i know is that bridge pickup is too gritty, unless you want that
Add mids. Very cliche, but makes a good lead tone, and thus, a good vocal tone.
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Whatever fits the song. Most jazz standards are based off vocal melodies so I just set neck pickup (wait.. I set nothing, I only have a neck pickup) and roll the tone down to 2-4 or so and go at it.

Also, turning down the volume of the guitar just slightly makes it a bit more reactive I find.
If you're got access you might want to try playing through a bass amp. I've had good results with neck pup (a p-90, in this example) with the mids EQ'd up a bit, through my bass player's amp. I wasn't going for 'vocal' tone specifically, just fooling around, but I liked the result and looking back it was pretty 'vocal'.

Another trick is to adjust the height of the pickup you're using. The lower the pickup, the more resonant the tone. Just keep in mind that what's 'resonating' here is the natural sound of the wood, so if you've got a cheaper guitar this might not help. If you're finding that the neck pickup isn't cutting it, I bet that you could dial in a tone on a lowered bridge pickup that wasn't to shrill to emulate a human voice

Oh- and now that I think of it you should try experimenting with different types of picks, since 'pick attack' isn't really a part of the human voice! I'll bet that if you get your hands on one of those fuzzy 'bass picks' you could smooth out that initial attack quite a bit
what everyone else has already said - neck pickup, lots of midrange, maybe roll back the tone control on your guitar a little, too.

you need the emphasis on the fundamental frequencies of the guitar for that sort of melodic playing and that's why mid-heavy amp settings and use of the neck pickup are where it's at. The amount of gain and the extent of the mid-boost really depends on the style of music.
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