I have never heard or played gfs pickups, but i only hear good things about them, try searching for a review here on this site
I believe he states that the further the discounted price is from the original price the worse or more noticeable the damage is.

As to the pickups, GFS pickups are the best you can do at that price.

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yeah GFS pickups are great for the money, but like moose said, these aren't GFS pickups. They're just pickups that they bought.
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try them, like they say, for $30 how can you go wrong? And if they don't sound like you want, sell them on eBay for $40.


I have also heard that they are great for the money. I have seen some videos of them and they do sound pretty good.
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Recently put one in my friend's junker guitar. Sounds quite nice. Nice cleans even on the bridge.
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