I have a boss gt 8...for some reason when I switch my guitar to rhythm it is much louder than the treble. I cannot figure out why. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with this.

I just realized it isnt the boss gt 8. I plugged my guitar directly into the amp and the treble is very low but the rhythm seems to be fine I dont know what to do.
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They lowering the neck pickup and/or lowering the bridge pup.


and from your second post, it leads me to believe youll want to try to raise your bridge pickup
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Level the height of the pickups and test the guitar through an amp. If there is still a difference in output either raise or lower the height of pickups accdordingly until you have achieved the desired volume that is reasonably equal between each pickup.

What kind of guitar is it? Just wondered as this would give me some kind of idea of which screws you should be altering.
the weird thing is that yesterday I was playing on it no problem and than at night it started happened and it hasnt changed...I didnt do anything to the guitar. do you think I blew out my amp? its over a year old and its cheap amp.
What kind of guitar is it? Has it been customised in any way (either by you or a previous owner)?

I can't offer an answer with snippets of information, but a little background can lead me to make a decent guess...