OK. First question

1. When i try playing the intro to Waking The Demon by Bullet For My Valentine. This is the tab for it.

G|------------5p4-----7p4---------------------------- 5p4---7p4-----------------|

Now when i try doing the 5p4 an the 7p4 on the G string i can't get it to make the sound when pulling off but i can on the C string an also when playing this about 3 to 4 time's my hand cramp's up an i have tried different position's an it still cramp's.

Any Advice
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That is when i play slow. It's like when i bar it since my hand cramp's up i can't pull off on the G string because my finger won't stay down all the way.
warm ups, watch your palm mute, use pinky or ring finger, it's easy for me xD but srsly, just keep practicing slowly then increase speed
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