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If you review my music, I will review yours. I promise! I posted 2 new songs in my music website: "Tempting You" is the one on top, and "Yes, It's True" is the next one down. Please tell me how you like these tunes and how they can be improved. Here is the link:

Edit #4: I didn't get radio play on October 10th on 88FM as I hoped. They told me I should get played at 8pm on Sunday October 24th. It is supposed to be a 1 hour radio show where it's 90% music, and all of the tunes are mine. This radio station does not currently stream on the internet. But if you live within about 50 miles of Harlingen, Texas, you should be able to hear the station.
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Tempting You had a real nice guitar tone to it but I felt like the vocal tracks just didn't mesh up well enough.

Yes, It's True was an awesome song that reminded me of a more experimental version of the Smiths. It was very good, very melodic and the vocals were a very pleasant listen. Overall I enjoyed this one much better.
Listening now. Tempting You needs to vocal tracks to fit together better... they sound very uncoordinated. The idea of them might work well if done better, but I'm not sure... I do like the guitar tone though. Not much else to say about this one. For Yes Its True, the intro seems very different from the rest of the song. I liked it up until that point when it drops out, it just doesn't fit at all. The rest of the song after that was quite good as well, I'd just revise that.
Listening and reviewing "Tempting You":

Its got a classic rock/metal vibe from the beginning. I presume thats what you're going for.

The vocals are good, but not my style at all. This entire song is not really my style, so take my critiques with a grain of salt.

The harmonizing vocals need a bit of remixing, and I'd suggest some reverb.

I like the guitar tone after the verse(s) in the beginning. I am not sure what string is being played during part of this riff though, but it sounds out of tune or just not using the same effect. It is weird. I love the bass recoding though. I also like that it is up in the mix without being overwhelming.

The parts beginning at "Look out now..." remind me of Al the Killer by Coheed and Cambria. If you listen to that song you would see some similarities.

The phaser guitar riff is pretty enjoyable on the outro, and I love how you utilize the effect the end the song.

The song overall is pretty solid, but fairly niche. The recording is good overall with little problems in that department. I would say this is a 6 or 7 out of 10 on my own scale.
Hey! Thanks for the critique on my song!

Now onto yours

The guitar tone is good and bass is fine I really like the lead guitar tone I think overall the mix is pretty good there are some cymbals on the drums I would have liked to be a little more prominent but other than that when you hear all the instruments it sounds fantastic. Now I noticed when the vocals come in the guitar volume seems to drop a little. The vocals I actually liked I just think you don't need to do the harmony stuff and just have one solid track and it'll sound better.

You're clean tone on Yes, It's true in the beginning is really fantastic. Then it gets into a smiths tone sounding guitar which as a smiths fan I thought was cool
I like the vocals on yes its true a little more they are more morrisey like and there is less of that harmony effect. Cool solo effects during this song to haha I enjoyed that.

But yeah good tracks just play around with the vocals and it'll be solid
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Hi, thanks for the feedback

I didn't like "Tempting you" either for the same reasons above. The vocal melody is not really defined and i feel the main riff is too classic rock-ish for me. However i liked the g uitar solo and the outro is also a really nice touch, good job.

On the other hand, "Yes, Its True" was quite an improvement from the last one, the chord progressions are really nice and the melody is much better. The sound of the recording is really nice and clear, overall good music, keep it up
i listend to tempting you. cool beat. i like the rythem. vocals arent bad, but are kind of hard to understand. i like the high vocals, but the whole due thing i think needs to go. it kind of makes it muddy like. otherwise good song. i bet this would be rockin played live.

crit mine?
Tempting You - as others have said, the vocals are the weak part here, and I don't really have anything else to add to previous comments. Really enjoyed the overall sound of the track. The ending seemed to come quite suddenly though, which I found slightly jarring.

Yes, It's True - Awesome track, if I had to pick for faults, I didn't like the tone bass and the synth that comes in at about 1:27. Once again, the vocals were probably the weakest part, I thought they sounded a little too distant.

Both very good tracks, that I enjoyed listening too, excellent work!
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sorry mate, the link doesn't seem to want to load for me :/ , is there any other place you've uploaded them to?
I actually like the vocals on Tempting You. Dissonant yet effective. Better drums would be nice though.
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"Tempting You" - Good production on the music. Really diggin the guitar tones. I'm not so sure about the vocals though. They just don't seem to really fit the song. I would try a few different ideas on the vocals and see what comes out the best. It may not be what you had in mind, but thinking outside the box isn't a bad thing.

"Yes It's True" - The intro sounds good, but is a little drawn out for my tastes. You could add a little bit of bass halfway through or some piano/organ/synth stuff to thicken it up and bring more life to the riff. The vocals on this one came out a lot better. Has a classic rock feel to them. Again the music is good. Sometimes the bass overpowers the guitars, in my opinion, but maybe that's what you were going for. Good solo.

Overall two good songs, I would just work on the vocals of the first one more and mess with the mix of the second.
First off, the production is pretty good on both, but I definitely dig the vibe of Yes more. Good mixing though at times the bass can be a bit loud and I really like the synth touches. It reminds me of some Nick Thorburn (The Unicorns, Islands) stuff. For most of the song the vocals sound okay, but sometimes there is almost too much on them. Im not really a fan of the guitar break, the tone is too processed for me and the whailing feels kinda outta place. The transition back into the verse could be tuned up a little I think but overall it was not bad.
Goodness gracious me!
Thanks for the crit dude!

Tempting You:

Thats a kick ass tone and riff, drums are sounding pretty damn sweet as well, but as everyone else says, the vocals don't sit particularly well in the mix. The higher harmony was a bit annoying too. Maybe that's just personal taste though. You've definately got a unique vibe going though. On further listening, I actually really really love the production on this, its perfect to my ears, nice an raw. However, the synth part near the end doesn't work for me at the moment, id turn it down a touch.


Sweet intro, nice tone and nice playing. I can't help but feel it drags on a bit. But once everything else comes in, its good, loving the snare. Vocals sit really well here as well, im digging the old school vibe here. The drums need mixing up a bit I reckon, they seem a bit too straight and simple. That lead guitar tone is really sick as well man! It rocks.
To be honest, I've got nothing else to say, its just a really solid song on every level.
nice tone and mix.. the bass was a little ovewhelming though.
The vocals were far from my taste but they sat well in the mix. Good tune man.
Thank you for the review! Glad you liked "Yes, It's True". I couldn't find a recent thread of your music to review, so I posted a review in your profile.

Thank you for your comments! Also glad you liked "Yes, It's True.

Thank you for listening & responding!

Thank you for all of you comments! Not sure if being niche is good or bad.

Thank you for listening and for your review!

Thank you for all of your comments!

Thank you for listening & for your commentary!

Thank you for your compliments & commentary!

Usually soundclick is pretty reliable, but not always. Perhaps you could try my link again, because I have no other site with these tunes.

Glad you like my vocals on "Tempting You"! I am pleased how they turned out.

Thank you for your reviews on my tunes!

Thank you for listening & for your comments!

Good choice in names! Thank you for your review!

Thank you for your commentary! I left a review on your profile.

Thank you for listening and for your review!
On Tempting You:

Good except, the vocals were quite obnoxious, but they do give a unique attitude to the song. I loved the outro effects. Good Stuff!

I listened to both of your songs, and I must say they are solid work. They could be produced a bit better, but nevertheless solid. Your riffs are quite good, and your songwriting is good, too. Although I had problems with the vocals on tempting you, I can see where you wanna go with the vocals, but it still doesn´t sound like that, maybe rerecord it or just use a normal vocal track, it kinda ruins the mood. It was better on Yes, It´s true, but it was still there a little bit. Maybe compress the hell out of these doubletracks, or just rerecord them would be a choice I would make. But these are your songs, so you choose! Drums could definitely have a little bit more punch, maybe you can try boosting 100hz and 2500hz a little bit!
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Hey, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you!

Tempting You - Great tones for this intro, great rock feel. I actually like the vocals, it gives the song personality and while I usually like really tight production, it's nice to hear something a little more relaxed and a little off (I mean this in the best possible way). I really liked the solo and whole solo section, the twangy picking sound fits great.

Yes, It's True - Awesome tone, the huge reverb and rotary sound great together and give this a really huge sound. Really digging the whole classic sound. The drums sound great here, as do all the tones and that bass really pops and drives the groove. The vocals fit really well!

Great work!
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Tempting you: I dig it! I liked the spacey parts in particular, especially the outro. I can't find fault in this, although as one person said earlier perhaps the vocals could be meshed better? But that's only a minor issue and hardly detracting.

Yes, It's True: Sweet. The only negative things I can say is that the "sss" sounds on the vocals sound a bit harsh, and I didn't particularly care for the high notes popping out on the bass around the middle part of the song, they sounded kind of awkward and were a bit distracting. Other than that, ace song, very chill.
1st, thanks for the crit.

Tempting you: The guitars sound a little muddy/could cut through more. Maybe less reverb if you have any. They could just stand to cut through the mix a little more. Not a fan of the vocals personally, but that's just to my taste. I think the lead guitar goes very well with the song, and was easily my favorite part. The outro also fits very nicely. Sounds pretty good overall.

Thanks again.
Hey man,
your guitar sounds awesome. The vocals were different, but different in a good way. I dug the effects you had on the guitar, they were used in a very non-cliche way. Dug the bass breakdown as well.
Other than that, the genre/style of the song isn't usually the type of thing that I listen to, thought I still found my head bobbing to it. I often judge a song by whether or not a part of my body is tapping in time with the beat, and what part of my body that is. Head bobbing is a very good sign Good job, man!
The guitars in tempting you were really cool. Im not sure if I like the vocals though... :P

it seems I cant lsiten to the other one ... Ill just llisten to the first again though, it was cool!
Yes, It's True: The intro is quite nice. Some of the chords don't always fit in, imo. Really cool when the 80's drums comes in. Gives it a little bit of humor as well (not that there's any lack of it otherwise). Cool synth. Vocals fit in well. The bass playing wasn't that good. Your slapping/popping technique is not that good to be honest, and it's really uneven at times.

Overall a good composition. Get a better bass player to record that part for you. (:
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I listened to tempting you. The guitar work was good but when I first heard the vocals they kinda took away from the song. Near the end they started to grow on me though. All in all a really nice song but I can see how the vocals may not be for everyone.
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Tempting you sounded like it was going to be heavy but then took a different direction, which was interesting and the vocals reminded me of bowie. The bass seemed out of place a little bit to me, though it was following the riff. Though the bass solo sounded cool, and so did the guitar solo following it. I loved that the distorted tremolo was in time with the music, I've always wondered how that would sound and it came out well.

Yes, It's true sounds really cool, especially when the drums came in. Very interesting. Though the distorted phaser sound(I think thats what it is) sounded a bit overpowering and extremely extremely trebly. The bass solo seemed a very little bit out of place, perhaps better if it was just done with fingers. The lyrics all sounded cool, as well as the vocals. The ending would have sounded better imo if it was a little extended, but sounded fine.

I listened to both, I liked yes its true alot better than the first. The vocals on temping you were definatly not to my taste and it sort of made me tune out from the song as soon as they came in, although the production was pretty good, although I would like more low end in the track

Yes its trues intro was really sweet, I loved the guitar line and it built the song up perfectly. The bass sound was spot on also and was real tight, props to your bass player on that one. Drums were fine, they added to the music but dont play a prominant role in your sound which is fine. Vocals were way better in this one, to me it had this sort of 80s bowie vibe (i know nothing about bowies music but that was an impression I got) with a modern twist. Overall this song was good, not really my taste but I can see alota people would like it.

Thanks for commenting on my one to man.
Ok, lets start with Tempting you. Its a really nice hard rock song, but nothing special. I think that wasnt your plan anyway. For my taste the bass is a little bit too loud, the vocals are kind of strange but i like them.

The intro of Yes, its True is very nice. Damn cool atmosphere! The main part sounds good too, but its not really my taste. In the 80s it would be a great hit reminds me of the Pet Shop Boys.
Tempting You: Got a very nice hard rock vibe to it, I like that alot my friend! Wow, dude you know who you sound like? Lizzy Borden mixed with Johnny Rotten and a bit of David Bowie. Very cool combo! I like the verses, it seems a bit comical but maybe that's the direction your heading in. The mixing could use a bit of work, I like the guitar work alloott. Great job bro. I like this song

Yes It's True: I like the intro, nice tone. A bit melancholy, I like that. Woah, I love it when the drums came in, totally awesome bro! Very nice classic vibe man, the production compliments it well. This is a bit like 80s synthpop mixed in with metal, I love the vocals, absolutely love 'em. I like the lyrics too man, how old are you? You're a really good musician I like the bass pops in this song, very nice. You know when the intro came in, I thought it was going to be a ballad but it wasn't and it was totally awesome. Thank you for mind****ing me :P I really like the solo section too. Great job with this song my friend!

Crit my song? It's pretty weird and I'm not sure if you'll like it. But here it is
hey there.. listening to Tempting You
sounds cool... a bit funky.. tho it started more like an ACDC type of song.. or whitesnake.. you know the drums and guitar..

the lead work suits the whole song pretty well

oh and the pinch stuff sounds cool too. i like all the dimebomb stuff!!!
ahh and the tremolo is cool!!! really!! my fav part i guess

still i think you could add something too it.. may be keyboards?? make it sound more full!!!

ok ima crit the other song later on i have to go now
crit mine
Tempting you.
The guitar tone is great. The riffs really drive the song. And the use of effects really add a lot to the song. I actually kind of liked the vocals, though I could see why others might not. They were catchy, I thought. Plus the outro straight kicks ass.

Yes It's True
The bass solo thing seemed out of place. The part after it was really cool thought. Maybe try a different transition? Other than that it's a pretty solid piece. I really enjoyed it.
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Tempting You: vocal track nees work, like been said, it's doesn't fit, awesome guitar tone though.

Yes, It's True: It was very good, very melodic and the vocals were a very nice listen. Much better than the first
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Thank you for listening & replying!

Thank you for your comments! I'm still curious if you live in a particular city in Germany or ?

Thank you for listening! I appreciate the kind words!!

Thank you for all of your comments! I do own a couple of effects that have d-essers, but I have yet to use them. Maybe I should.

Thank you for listening & for your review!

Thank you for listening & responding! Glad I got your head bobbing!

Thank you for your review. Usually soundclick is pretty reliable.

Thank you for listening & for your comments!

Thank you for the listen & the review!

Thank you for listening & for your commentary! I have 2 different tremolo guitar tracks on the end of "Tempting You". One is from a Line 6 PodXT with the tempo set to the same as the song tempo. The other one is done with a Roger LinnDesign AdrenaLinn: the tremolo effect is beat-synced via MIDI, so it matches perfectly.

Thank you for your review! I appreciate the comparision to David Bowie. He is my favorite male singer.

Thank you for listening & for your comments! I admit to occasionally being influenced by Johnny Rotten. I was born in 1960. Thank you for the compliments!

Vendetta V,
Thank you for listening & for the review! My first from Armenia!

Thank you for your commentary! Glad you liked "Yes, It's True"!

Donkey Fly,
Thank you for all of your comments!
On Yes it's True:

Great mix. I agree with everyone else except on the lyrical portion. They didn't really fit the song, and i think they could be better. Otherwise, great song
Am commenting on the songs as I'm listening to them.

Tempting You:
Interesting vocals, almost John Lydonish. Are there any effects on the vocals?
Are the drums electronic, because they sound a bit fake, sorry...
Nice guitar tone.
Liking the fuzz bass
Like the guitar at 2:40ish

Yes, It's True:
Nice guitar tone again. Is it amp modelling software, or did you mic up your amp?
Very atmospheric.
Kind of John Frusciante-ish
Also sounds 80sish
Maybe add some compression to the bass? Seems to jump out of the mix at times
Nice chorus/vocals in general

Good overall, keep it up :-)
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I listened to tempting you, alright quality, pretty tight, I really can't find anything wrong with it.
So good job:]
Some real nice guitar chops too.
(sorry I couldn't give a good review)
I didn't mind the vocals on "Tempting You", but I think a different style would fit the song better. It reminds me of the guy from Mindless Self Indulgence. I do like the song as is though.

"Yes, It's True" was great. The intro was mellow and the effects sounded good. Then when the whole band came in, it had a nice groove. I really like the bass in this song. Vocals flow much better and remind me of De Luxe by Lush with a laid back feel.
Hey thanks for your review on my song!

Tempting You: I like the instrumentals, but the vocals bug me a little bit. I really like your guitar tone, and the song as a whole reminds me of if Motley Crue and Stone Temple Pilots had a baby. Which is kinda nice. The guitar solo kicks ass by the way.

Yes, Its True: Wow, I really like this one. The intro was really relaxing, but when the synth comes in it packs a punch. I like the vocals more on this track, and the bassline sounds really great.

All in all, two good tracks. Keep up the good work man.
Tempting you has a very legit old school rock feel. I really like the groove, vocals, bass. The guitar squeal is cool as well. Maybe turn down the bass a little bit. The very end is neat as well.

Right off the bat I like your tone on "Yes, It's True". Very pretty. Like how the rest of the band comes in. As before, might want to lower the bass a little bit. I like the bit of distorion or whatnot on it but its a little overpowering. Though that's preference I guess. Oooh I'm digging this solo section up to 3:00. Your lead tones are pretty neat. Over all they are both very nice songs. The arrangements are very good, they could just use a little tweaking with levels and such but thats just me. Keep on keepin' on.
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