Hey guys, how are you doing?

After 10 long months of waiting, here's our next DT split-screen cover. This time we had another special guest on vocals, Denis Oliveira, a local singer and friend.

Kudos to Dream Theater for writing such fantastic and inspiring music, we had lots of fun doing this collab.


César Zolhof - Keyboard & Iphone
Denis Oliveira - Vocals
Felipe Campos - Bass
Paulinho - Drums
Thiago Campos - Guitar & Mixing

Hope you enjoy it! VRAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
César Zolhof
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Bad ass. Loved that you broke the JPM P1 for the lead. You guys have some real skill...and gear. I'm jealous.

Edit: Jesus, those sweeps were clean.
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I feel I need to watch it 5 times just to focus on each person. INCREDIBLE!
Alot better than any other cover ! GOOD JOB AGAIN GUYS!!!
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