Hi guys.

This song was (largely) influenced by Muse, and as so, is intended for vocals over the top. As always, C4C. Cheers!
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Let me guess, was "Hysteria" your main influence? :P

Let me just say first of all, I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Muse with a passion.
Instruments-wise, you may want to add a fuzzier bass, such as a Saw Wave or such.

Bar 1 and such gives off a nice Hysteria vibe, 3 seals the deal, but I like what you did with it.
The verse seemed kind of boring with no drums, but the chorus sounded really good, really Muselike with the harmonic minor sound in every damn song of theirs

Second verse, really plain, even if there were vocals and the guitar over top. A fuzz might fix this. Awfully short verses, but hey, it's meant to be musey :P

Of course, the chorus is quite nice, room to groove. The middle sounded like the solo to Hysteria, but I really liked the strong harmonic minor feel you brought in on the second half but for a split second I just thought you copied the post solo when I heard the first two notes :P

Nice groovy chorus, but nothing really makes the song stand out. It's kind of boring, even with vocals, so consider spicing it up.

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sorry dude but its pretty much a hysteria rip off, cant really call it inspired when you've taken all the main elements of the song. Its more of an interpretation and i think you did it good job putting it down i just think you should have more fun with it and add some cool stuff and really make it your own.
It's great! But I'd sure be on the phones with my lawyers if I was Muse.
It is basically Hysteria. But would make a good mix/cover sort of thing of it
Well there's alot of similarities with Hysteria, especially the intro. I quite liked the bass riff in the verses. The rest of the song, well there was nothing too memorable. Will probably better when it gets vocals. You can always put the vocals as a track on the tab, and write the lyrics in.

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