I have an acoustic steel string (Tanglewood Evolution series TW28CE) and want to know what guitar strings sound the best for this and other acoustics for different genres of music, also what electric guitar and string combinations work well, I know this is a very general question, but some tips or suggestions would be cool.
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It is different from guitar to guitar no matter what strings you use, and it is mostly personal preference. But I have to say that Martin strings always gives me a warm Zeppelinesque feeling.
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But TS, it's all about personal preference. I love the sound of 80/20 13s on my acoustic and d'addario xl 10s on my electrics, the next person will probably be completely different
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At music stores, Fender style guitars with a 25.5 inch scale length are typically strung with 009-042 guage strings.
Gibson style guitars with a 24.75 inch scale length are typically strung with 010-046 guage strings.

Those are the guages they usually come stock with. They're fairly light and easy to play. They're not gonna put, like, 13's on them before they sell them because that will make them hard for people to try before buying.

I personally use 010-052 on my Ibanez and I think it feels just right for me. Any more is too hard to bend, any less feels like rubber bands.
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I really like D'addario EXP Coated phosphor bronze 12's on my acoustic. They sound overall incredible. And last a good lifetime. Love em. Wouldn't use anything else.
Brightness vs mellowness? which music genres would these two tones be attributed to ?