Well bass forum once again my birthday has come for the year and as such i have acquired a nifty $200(AUD), and was thinking of trying to buy a wah pedal with it.

This is where you guys come in. In that price range what would you recomend?

I've been looking and had my eye on either a Dunlop Crybaby or a Snarling Dog Bootzilla.
Is there much you guys can tell me about these? Personal experience, sound, reliabilty ect.

Thanks in advance!
take a look at the ibanez weeping demon, I LOVE the versatility of that pedal. plus if youplay guitar as well it has a switch to go between bass and guitar.
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I tried the crybaby, hated it and ended up with the Morley PBA-2. Not as traditional sounding, but modern sounding and awesome sounding.
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That depends on what you want out of your wah.

The Original Crybaby will cut some bottom end and if you have a decent amount of effects you might want to run a second signal so you can still retain the fundamental while having some tasty effects.

The Dunlop Crybaby BASS wah is kind of a foot controlled envelope filter, which is really similar to the wah but works "better" for bass by maintaining the low end needed so when you switch it on you aren't gonna lose the frequency thats holding it all down.

My personal favorite is the 535q dunlop wah, its more of a wah, and you can set it on a low pass wah and turn the peak down a little and you have a more original and bass friendly wah.

myself I use a Vox V847 I think, that takes a little low end off, but during a solo it cranks and I split my signal so it doesn't take away the fundamental low end. Try a few out.

Maybe an auto wah is what you're looking for?

so, what do you want from your wah?
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I'm probably gonna get crucified here, but I really like the Behringer Hellbabe Wah. I know, it's a cheap Behringer POS right? I though so too, but then I caught TheToneKing.com doing a blind wah taste test and without knowing which was which I chose the Hellbabe as the clear winner. Got myself one the same week!

To ZaccB, what is an auto wah? sorry but i have never heard of that before. And is there anything you can tell me about the Bootzilla?

and hivemonkey, im a little sketchy buying anything from behringer. I already own 2 pedals and an amp from them and hate them all. As for that video, im capped for the month and can't watch it unfortunately
Hivemonkey, Behringer have a few jems in there production line. Hellbabe is one of them.

DosMos, I'm not a huge fan of the bootzilla wah as it is a multi effect pedal and I just have a general rule that I dislike them, unless they blow me away I'll go for two separate pedals.

The Bootzilla has a nearly vocal like wah on it when you go for a nice slow sweep it has a real O sound, it has a low sweep, but to compare sweeps (in arbitrary units) the sweep on the original dunlop is around a 7 the snarling dog would be around a 4 or 5. the small sweep is nice for the bass as you wont peak up top and sound harsh and ouch. The Snarling dog is also a fuzz, the two biggest effects that lose the low end on bass are Wahs and Crunches (overdrive distortion Fuzz etc.) and while neither on this pedal will lose your fundamental low, the fuzz is so-so at best in my opinion, its fuzz doesn't seem to affect the low ends of the frequency they come through relatively clean the mids are fuzzed up so unless your playing; with a clean guitarist, something really different to your guitar or if you don't have a guitar its gonna be hard to differentiate where the guitars end and the bass starts.

(all of these are by listening to a few youtube vids btw)

An Auto wah is like an automatic wah, most of them are envelope filters, some have an LFO (low frequency oscillator) the ones with an LFO (there aren't a whole heap of them) you can set to rock in time just like how your foot would, so while you get a super solid wah you'll lose the complimentary aspect of having the pedal foot controlled.

Envelope filters are the most common auto wahs, just to clarify the filter is basically what affects the frequency, in a foot controlled wah its the rocking back and forth that changes how the filter reacts to the frequency in the LFO you set the "wah" to rock automatically. but in envelope filters, the envelope basically means volume, this means the louder/harder you play the more intense the wah is gonna be, a lot of players like this.

so envelope filters you can set the sensitivity and how the filter affects the frequency, up down different sound kinda thing, will be the basic controls a lot of pedals will have more setting, the Q-tron for example, so when you have it on, everytime you play a note the filter will be activated unless your sensitivity is so low that it only affect it when you play louder. or have it so you have a decent effect and when you play louder it accentuates the effect more, same works with playing it softer makes the effect less prominent.

So I'll ask again, what do you want out of your wah? or do you just want the effect for the hell of it? and if so, maybe think about some different pedals? what do you want more from your bass? I can help you out with bass accessories and what not if you just tell me what you want.

/super wall of text.
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Well thanks for the response, as for the auto-wah, the whole automatic aspect of it is really unapealing to me, but thanks anyway
^ haha, I tend to get carried away.

Yeah, The Autowah is a different monster, I'm thinking of getting one, as well as my Vox.

The Envelope filters are actually really cool because it makes your playing more dynamic and that opens it up and helps develop more creative articulation and accenting.
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