I was scouting through the shitty music channels on sky (UK tv) and even though there is like 25 different channels, none of them have a single show for guitarists which is pretty retarded and annoys me alot :P

Does anyone know any shows? Preferably regular that do like gear reviews/ interviews and so on?

If not, the world is shit.

note: I have all the sky packages except sky arts and HD.
The closest I can think of would be That Metal Show on VH1 Classics.
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well, UG has a "TV" section of the site, and it sucks IMO.

I dont think a channel only for guitarists would catch on.

EDIT: although UG TV obviously does not have a big budget. Maybe a Station with real shows with real budgets about guitars, gear etc WOULD catch on.

Depends on how you go at it.
Even when guitar is in style, I don't think it would be popular enough to sustain for long.
Nothing with gear reviews or anything like that, but the BBC have put on a few great programmes about the history of music and the guitar. Sky Arts is good as well, you just need to keep an eye out for them.
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