Hello everyone! My name is Joe, and I'd like to introduce my band, "Walk A Mile". We're an alternative/progressive/rock outfit from the forests of Upper Michigan. We've been together for about 2 months now with our current line-up, and have a repertoire of about 16 original songs (with a new one being written about every week or so). So far, we've recorded a short demo featuring three of our original songs, and in two weeks we'll be recording another three. We signed with Tate Music Group out of Oklahoma earlier this month, and we're on schedule to record our first album in November, with a Midwestern regional tour to follow.

You can hear our music at the following websites:

Facebook Page for Walk A Mile

ReverbNation Page for Walk A Mile

Our sound is rooted mainly in melody and harmony, and we draw influence from all sorts of sounds from the musical spectrum. Our songs can range from softer, melodic pieces with jazz influences, to heavy blues/rock and progressive metal. We even have a reggae song! Each player really has their own style that they bring to the table, and we find a way to blend it all together to produce a very fresh and unique sound.

The band features:
Chris Ashburn on Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Paul Swiercz on Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Joe Occhietti on Bass/Backing Vocals
JT Leslie on Drums

So far, we've only played two live gigs - but we've spent countless hours writing and rehearsing in the past couple months. Any feedback/criticism is welcomed and encouraged!

PS - I apologize for the lack of quality drums in our songs. We record our demo songs for free in a friend's home studio - and the only drum setup he has is an electronic drumkit. (Which get's the job done, but lacks severely on the ambiance)
Just a quick update - we've got a new website up!

We can now be found at this address:

We've got a new bootleg recording up on the site, if you want to check out another one of our original songs.

We spent the last week of October in Oklahoma City professionally recording our album at Tate Music Group studios. Right now, the rest of the album is in the design process and we're planning a regional tour for around January. National release will be in the spring of 2011, with the start of a national tour planned around that date.

I have to say - driving across the country twice in a week (packed with three other dudes and all of your equipment), staying in a shitty motel, and only having enough money to eat ramen and ham sandwiches for 7 days wasn't even enough to bring down our spirits. Every mile closer to that studio, the more it sank in that it was actually happening. I can't even wait to tour.