I think to buy this guitar (Esp M-II NTB) for a second guitar
I play most alot Metallica!! But too : Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, a bit Queen and a bit Gunz ... In short, their understanding of what my style, right?

I know this guitar is not Kirk's signature but it's same model.

So a guitar good for me ?

The main features of the ESP Guitars M II NECK THRU include:

- Rocking super strat style electric with EMG Active pickups, pro hardware includes an Original Floyd Rose tremolo

- Construction / Scale: Neck-Thru-Body / 25.5 inch

- Body: Alder

- Neck / Fingerboard: Maple (Extra Thin U Neck Contour) / Rosewood

- Locking Nut / 43mm Neck Width

- Inlays: Dots with ESP at 12th fret

- Frets: 24 XJ

- Hardware: Black Nickel

- Tuners: Gotoh

- Bridge / Tailpiece: Original Floyd Rose

- Pickups: EMG 81 Active (N), EMG 81 Active (B)

- Electronics: Vol / 3-way toggle Switch
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i say "no". buy a PRS instead. hahaha. just kidding.

lol.. so this yes right ?? D:
i'd say go for it.
It's a high quality guitar and really good for playing metallica.

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I'd get a superstrat with passive humbuckers. Go Jackson Soloist. Its much sexier than an mII too.
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If you like it, then yeah. Do you like the way it feels?

Having a guitar that feels good to you is way more important than having a similar or the same guitar as your idols.
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It'll be good for Kirk's solos stuff but if u like James's tone, get something made of magohany not alder.

I suggest u get an ESP Eclipse with seymour duncans or ESP Horizon NT-II with duncans. More versatile and better suited for the stuff u play.
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I second getting an Eclipse
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It's a very good quality guitar but I would think a lot before getting it, it costs more than 1200$ I think. Try it out many times, play different things on it, make sure it feels good to you and that you won't get bored with it and come back here looking for advices to sell it.
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