Hi, I'm thinking of buying a new guitar or amp later this year & I'm looking for any recommendations on which guitar or amp I should buy.

I've been playing the guitar on and off for almost a year now. I usually play rhythm but I eventually want to move on to lead. I only play to myself, its more of a hobby.

I'm interested in hard rock (i think), bands like paramore, shinedown, slash, ac-dc, rise against, breaking benjamin, steve vai & orianthi.

I currently have a tgm E2E electric guitar and a pearl(?) amp.
The hardware of the guitar is corroded badly and the volume and tone knobs don't work. The amp still works fine.
I doubt you've heard of these brand because they're really really cheap, around USD180 for the whole package.

As for the budget, I'm thinking of about USD350? Guitars I have in mind are Epiphone SG special or Ibanez RG321 and I'm totally lost on which amp.

I live in Singapore but I can try importing if the guitars or amps are not available here. I'll also most likely only be able to afford either a guitar or a amp, not both.

I'm also thinking of buying a distortion pedal like boss ds but is it recommended for a begginer like me? Will it make much of a difference?

Thanks in advance
Well your pedal won't really add much, I'll do what i always do and recommend you Vypyr. Its pretty much a multieffects unit built into an awesome modelling amp. It has all the stompboxes you could want really, distotion stompbox included. (Vypyr 30w)

But yeah i'd also vouch on the RG321. A very solid choice.

All in all awesome combination.
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Ibanez makes solid middle-of-the-road guitars for not much money. I would go for one without a floating bridge, just to avoid intonation issues for now. Keep your amp, and if you're going to go for a stompbox, you may as well shell out the extra 50 bucks for an effects sampler like the above commenter mentioned. I have an RP255 by Digitech and it works wonders with my Ibanez.
They should start calling this forum 'Ultimate-Ibanez'. All you hear in here is Ibanez, Ibanez, Ibanez.

Sorry, but budget Ibanez'es suck ass. Bad trems, bad pickups, bad fretwork, bad electronics. Get a Washburn X40, X50 Pro or X200. Just to name an example of much more bang for the buck. I'd only get an ibanez if it were a prestige.

Besides that, a new amp will do alot more to your tone compared to a new guitar. Plug a 2000$ guitar into that 'Pearl' amp, and it'll still sound like shit.
So my advice is: get a new amp.
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The vypyr seems great. I'll keep it in mind. But is it advisable to continue using my guitar with corroded hardware?

The washburn x50 pro is too expensive for me & I cant find the price of the x40 and x200 you mentioned. Washburn is also quite hard to find here so I dont think
In this case, although I almost never, ever say this, you should get a guitar first, since yours is obviously falling apart.

I agree that the amp is much more important sonically, but you need a working guitar to make any sound at all.

The RG321 is a much, much better guitar than that Epiphone. They're really good. See if you can find one used, that would be best. If not, they're still very much worth what they cost.
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You're a rare case of "upgrade both a little."

Get a Vypyr 15 or 30- 30 adds the stompboxes and Sanpera access, and is only a little more than the 15 used. Sounds great, lots of decent effects, great practice amp series.

For a guitar, I'd recommend either a Squier Telecaster Custom, which is basically a '72 Tele Deluxe. They're awesome, sound great, feel great, and retail at $250. You could also give an Epiphone G-400 or Les Paul a shot, but for similar quality you'll be paying a little more.

These will last you a long time, and in that time you can save up for some really nice gear. They won't fall apart and they won't destroy your bank account.
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I doubt I can buy both guitar and amp. The squier telecaster fits nicely in my budget.
So which should i buy first, a guitar or amp?

I'm also quite apprehensive about buying second-hand cause I still dont know much about guitars and I'm scared of getting ripped off.

The ibanez rg321 seems the most appealing to me at this moment.
Is the epiphone sg that bad? and can anyone comment on the squier telecaster custom?
In Singapore you should consider Cort for a guitar. That may leave you enough for an amp as well. I have played Cort X-2's a few times and was well impressed with them for the money. I would think that would leave you enough for a Vypyr 15.
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That may just work.
But peavey vypyrs seems to be quite hard to find here, any other alternatives for amps in case I cant find a vypyr.
new guitar, then new amp, I'm using a Fender Princeton '65 (re-issue I believe and it's a good amp, even for metal, imo
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