Anyone ever traded in an axe towards another one at GC?...............

I have a Schecter Hellraiser Sunset FR that I just don't enjoy playing too much, and was thinking of getting rid of it for something else. I've seen GC had a trade in program, and was wondering if they give much on trade-ins

Anyone have any experience?
I really like it, but know before you go: You won't make any good amount of money for your guitar. I like it because no on was buying my stuff on Craigs List, so I took it in and they'll almost always take your stuff.

I only do it when they do 10% off, that's the only way you can really make a decent deal out of it. And to do that, you have to be buying something new at the same time as you're selling yours.

If you're just looking to straight sell, then Craigs List is much more of a friend to you.
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You're much better off selling it on eBay or Craigslist. Guitar Center's program is a rip off. But if you can't sell it at either of those places, then Guitar Center it is.
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A good assumption, is to look at what the guitar is worth on craigslist (go to www.craigslook) for a national search....then estimate that they'll give you 50% TOPS of that value.
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Guitar Center isn't nearly as much of a horrifying hellhole of bad deals as people make it out to be.

You have to know what you have and its worth, and be willing to negotiate. If you're asking too much, which a lot of people do, they'll offfer less. If you think you've got guitar gold and you don't, they won't pay you for what you think you have. If you lay down and take their intial offer, chances are you'll take a loss.

You won't make as much on a sale as you would private sale. The salesmen at my local GC suggest trying open sale first. On the other hand though, they offer more on trade, and with 10% off you can get a nice deal. Case in point: I traded in an Epi Les Paul Custom, practically new, and got $550 for it, then bought my Stratocaster. It was a straight trade pretty much, and I even got a pickguard thrown in.

Know what you have, and prepare to haggle.
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