First time posting in this part of the Forums!
Just a band tune I recorded a few weeks ago with pretty minimalistic recording gear. I wrote and performed all the music and lyrics minus the drums (which are programmed) and the lead Vocals who were performed by the UGer 'noodlenick'
It's on my profile under the name 'Hannah Lovegood'
Constructive criticism/comments more than welcome and I will try to return the favour, Thanks!
Great song, man! I'm liking the tones and riffage. Great vocals for this genre; they, along with the screams, are right on. Awesome harmonies. The only two complaints I have are that I think the breath at 1:57 is a tad loud and the natural harmonics you hit clash a bit to much with the underlying melodies, especially the higher ones. Nice little solo, fits in well. All in all this was awesome, lookin' forward to hearing more!

I've got two songs in my sig if you wouldn't mind checking out either of them!
Let's party.
I honestly loved it.
I don't have much to say.
It bugs me that this is just a demo and you aren't a professional famous band and stuff.
You guys make an awesome duo.

The vocals seemed a tad bit loud overall. They could have been blended a little better. I believe I heard a little bit of clipping on the bit before 2:00 and maybe some other places.
Overall though, I don't have any complaints. It was awesome and I'd like to hear more. xD

No need to critique anything of mine, it's all ancient stuff that I created topics for ages ago.
wow thanks for the quick responses and kind words guys
@Odirunn: I see what you mean at the breath, we wanted to keep it because we liked the initial idea, but the huge presence is the result of amateur compression

@Technicolor: wow thanks a lot buddy! I am planning on doing a better mix of it at some point as I'm learning new stuff about the subject all the time