i spilt water on my fx pedal the other day and now i cant use it and ive gone back to using just my amp, which is a spider 2 or 3 and is 6 years old and SOUNDS HORRIBLE.

so...im not getting a new pedal for awhile..but i am gonna get a new amp between now and christmas. i like the peavey 120w vyper with tubes but is there something with a better or equal tone, for a cheaper price/same price?? it sells used for 571.00

You do NOT need a tubed 120watt amp unless you're gigging with Malmsteen. Get a tube amp, but nothing that loud.
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mhm well i just pointed that amp out because a buddy of mine has it and it sounded really well. would 60w tube amp work?
I'd say get down to 30watts and you're still pushing it for bedroom practice. I use a 5-watt tube amp and it barely gets past 3 on the volume dial.

Are you in a band? What sort of music do you play? Do you live in a crowded area?
- Ibanez RGR465M
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- Blackstar HT-5 Mini Stack
id like to be in a band...i have all the people for it and a buddy of mine has a music studio but im not satisfied with my skills yet.as for what i enjoy playing, mostly metal. pantera, slayer, slipknot, then we'll throw some death metal in there like cannibal corpse or carnifex. thats really the only tone im after. heavy distortion, clean should be ok, and the chorus needs to be good too because i really like chorus+clean.

also, i do not live around anyone. i live out in the country...
If the knobs do not go to 11 then keep looking. /nod

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If the knobs do not go to 11 then keep looking. /nod

Vypyrs go to 13.

If you're planning on gigging soon, and can practice regularly, it won't be the worst thing to get a tube amp you want now. Otherwise, get a small bedroom amp, and put money towards a nice tube amp for when you're ready.
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A Peavey should suit you fine then, just don't go for the loudest ones.
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I used to live in the middle of nowhere, and would love taking my guitar and amp out to my garage/ barn, and just blasting it, knowing that no-one could have a go at me. What a great feeling. Closing my eyes, playing the effortless riff to Highway To Hell, and feeling like Angus Young with a crowd infront of me. Nothing other than playing on stage for real can beat that. Personally, if I were you, get something LOUD, something meaty. If you're apsiring to be in a band, who will play on a stage, and you have the means to practice at that sound level, why not do that? You'll be much better equipped for it. Anything above 50W would do, the 120W maybe a little too high, but still awesome do it man, or as above said, Blackstar. Tried one out recently, loved it. They do some NICE and CRISP cleans
Get the Peavey Vypyr 60W (Tube), or 75W version (solid)
I know for sure they have a knob called 'Sponge' or something..
And has % numbers on it.
So if you put it on say, 30%, it'll 'sponge' out some of the noise.
Vypyr is REALLY great if you're interested in testing out lots of effects/amps.

Really worth it for the price if you'd ask me.

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I love living out in the country. I like taking my DSL 100 outside and cranking it up. I don't actually have neighbors, but people who live around 2 to 3 miles away can hear me. Ohh I love that amp...

Anyway, If it is 120watt Vyper that you want and like the sound get it. But thats if you live in the country and nobody can complain. Do you need it? Maybe not. I don't need my DSL 100, but I love it, and wouldn't trade or sell it. But if you live in town, then you really can't even have a tube amp without an attenuator. What I'm saying is, get what you like and what you can afford.
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