Hey all,
I have a friend who is currently learning bass, and needs to learn how to slap and pop, and can't seem to find any helpful sites/articles/videos on how to do it. Could you help out by suggesting some places to help him learn, thanks in advance.
There's a ton of videos on youtube if you search for "slap and pop". For someone just learning, it's probably a bit much in the way of coordination between the right and left hands. Slap is rarely done slowly, and some songs move between fingerstyle and slap very fluidly.
The Intro to Rage Against The Machine - Know Your Enemy has some slow slapping and it's used very sparingly. Maybe that would be a good first riff to learn ?
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Might be a good lesson but it's a guitar based lesson which isn't quite the same, it might seem the same but it doesn't feel the same as slapping on a bass.

TS, try this lesson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erNmEJxCfdg I've given it a quick look over and it seems pretty good to me.
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