This is a piece I wrote quite a long time ago, and just recently came back to and made some changes. There were lyrics at one point, but I felt like this piece deserves something superb lyrically; otherwise, the instruments seem wasted. Just know that it isn't meant as an instrumental; I just don't want to degrade it with average lyrics.

Oh, and as you'll notice, the section names kind of get less traditional as you go; I started running out of things to call each part without overusing the word "interlude".
Let's Make Something Beautiful.gp5
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AWESOME! Great tune
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as this was an obvious reference. i would like to say, there is a difference between a french woman yelling shit, and a woman yelling french shit, for some reason i picture that getting sigged xD lol
You should export it into a .gp4 file type then upload it.

Then I shall give it a listen and give you a comment on it.