Ok guys heres the thing im looking for ideas or ways for me to make my guitasr look worn out e.g like "billy joe armstrong's" "Frankinstien" (pictured below)(also my guitar is the same model as this one) so any comments would be apreciated Thanks !!
bf frankinstien.JPG
Beat the living HELL out of it. No joke. I have done the same to a lot of cheap strats I own. Just play it a ton, gig with it, BEAT IT UP. [: But, if you're trying to get that "artificial" relic look. Then search youtube, they have some good tutorials (even though a relic should be a over time thing :P)
start by getting a red strap and fastening it on with black tape
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Damn, that was fast. AlexW1989, thanks to you I can finally get to sleep again at night...
I did a beat up look on a bass once, if you have a ruff driveway or even road, just hold the neck and drag it over the asphalt, time hard, a time barely scraping, repeat. Looks good on mine. It's in my profile pic and account if you look. (I know the head looks new, didn't know how to take of the machine heads back then).
OK first off that's not a "Frankenstein". That's Blue, BJA's old Fernandes strat he stuck a Duncan JB in.

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That doesn't look worn, it just looks like a kid got a hold of it.


TS, go ahead and put a bunch of stickers on it.
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