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Amyways, I'm on a tight budget. No real limitations but I'm looking for the cheapest deal while still getting a good guitar. I've played my friends F-50 before and really enjoyed it so my question is would you guys recommend it? Is there a better guitar in this price range? Are there any problems I should know of like it falling out of tune?

Thanks guys!
Forgot to mention. I want a versatile guitar. I want to be able to play metal to indie.
If its all you can afford and you like the feel of it then get it
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I got an F-50 as a retirement gift and I tried a jb and jazz and emgs and never could get it to sound good....don't even get me started to the trem.
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If you like it, then that should be the end of discussion. Regardless of whether or not we think there are better guitars, if you like it then that should be the end all.

Besides, LTD does make good guitars for the price. Just play the one you want before you buy it, if possible, to make sure you like that one, since every guitar is a little different.
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If it works for you then get it though ive heard some good things about the M-50 and I would think the quality would be the same on the F-50. Though for $260 you could go to rondomusic.com and get a Agile AL-2000, Agile Dauntless /w EMG passive pups, or Agile AD-2000 which any of those would do metal and indie. Most agiles are on par with Epiphone in quality some are even better than an epi imo.
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Well I was more asking whether there were issues such as bad tuning and such. And also if you thought there were any guitars in that price range that I should try out before settling with the F-50.