I like Alloy, not too thrilled about the other 2 imo
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First one wasn't really all too hot, but that last one was pretty sick in the beginning. Kind of went down hill once you hit bar 45 or so. The breakdown at 92 and 93 is ****ing insane though. Kind of makes up for it, I dunno. Its just awesome sounding though.
My brother would like you to know that the über insane and manic breakdown in woken by silence sounds like Pokémon (in a good way.) I kinda agree, but I thought that was way sick!

If you want to C4C, I'm the Oriental piece still on the first page I think
I honestly hated alloy, the note choices were...strange and unfriendly to me. I wish I could give you a more detailed crit but I honestly can't say much more than it was sort of grinding to listen to...id destroy it haha but thats just me.

The other two however, were quite interesting. nothing really memorable, but not bad. 5 second before was rather...short, and I don't think it worked for this song because it didn't feel like one whole idea...it just sort of stopped. Also, I hate how you did the same basic one chord ring out ending for it as you did alloy. end it some other way, I beg of you, once was enough. Woken by silence got pretty wanky but I liked it. It had character I suppose..

All in all, sort of an enjoyable handful of songs. except alloy. did not like. at all.
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Are people listening to a different Alloy to me and 100%? Seriously its not all the bad. Its fairly good song in all honest. The only issue I have with it is the clean 16th section in the 1st verse because it got too cluttered, but Alloy and that last song are easily the most together pieces in this set. Seriously.

The unfinished one is ... unfinshed naturally. Not too keen on it. But work on it regardless it sound like you have some interesting ideas there. actually disgard that now I've listened to it again I loved 5 seconds before as well. Its super quirky in places, but then again it is supposed to have that math vibe so its all good. Some of the triplets are slightly odd, but I good anyway. Does end abruptly, could be longer, but then again I think its fine as it is
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That's what a person who listens to the Rx Bandits would say.

Following that line-of-thought, I say the same.

The 1st 4 bars didn't excite me too much, but it got to be quite good once the bass entered. I could see why this would sound a lot better live; that could be said for all midi/RSE songs, but I feel that this song really pushes that axiom. In a live setting, this song would rip.

Bar 30 however. No. I just didn't like that dropping of the beat. It was very uncomfortable.

Verse 2 was nice. The overzealous bends really made this part shine. That and I'm a sucker for weird shit.

Bridge/Chorus was cool in a Deftones kinda way. In fact, I think it is a Deftones riff mang!
Can't place the song, so I won't accuse you of plagiarism.

(New) Bridge: meh. It was very transitory in nature, not much staying power here. Only section that I think really needs to be spiced up.

Verse 3 is were it's at. That is all.
As well as the solo.

Do. Not. Like. Chorus. It's very anti-climatic to the solo. I think you should do something else here.
And as an ending as well? Bleh. It left a very sour taste. You had the perfect upbeat theme going, and then splat. A wall of sheet rock. Bland and disgusting.

I like this song, but it's lacking, especially in the finale.

(quick overviews)
5 Seconds Before:
Didn't like the slow pace when placed against Alloy. It has it's moments, especially in the last half of the piece (bar 29).

Woken By Silence: I'm liking this. Quite funky. Ooah-ya!
This piece you shouldn't mess with. Even though the beginning motif repeats for quite a while, I think it really digs into the listeners brain and remains planted there.

Bar 30 is the shit. This part is immense for all it's instrumental synthesis. Good stuff.

I got say the transitions in this song are much stronger. It's flow is never really interupted, at least in a highly intrusive way.

Bar 70, again, more shits were to be had. And the part right after as well. Nice.

Bar 91 is a bit manic. Note that I don't say that it's too manic. It's a bit ridiculous tbh, but it's also very effective.
As much as I like the final riff, it pales in comparison to the previous section.
Regardless, it's a much stronger piece than Alloy.

All around good stuff. I hope you contribute to the forum more often (in terms of crits and submitting pieces).
Lol Alloy especially on the chorus sounds like and Dream theater song very nice indeed. Have you thought for vocals to put on or some vocal line ?
alloy, was very good imo.
you should consider recording it, do u have a vocal melody in mind for it?
should sound good because the instrumentation is well done.
like the solo as well..

5second before & woken up silence, they both start off very good, with those jazzy chords. but then, with the hardcore stuff that comes up, doesn't really fit in that well..

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