I'd like to trade my Boss OC-3 SUPER Octave pedal for a modulation pedal of some sort. I'm interested in a ModTone Atomic Phaser or something similar, but am open to other offers as well.

The pedal has never been gigged, is in pristine condition and I will include the original box and papers it came with.

Thanks for your interest, I have a +8 on the good trader/bad trader thread.

I know it's not quite what you're after, but I've got a Boss DS-1, Boss CS-3 and an 80s Ibanez EQ that I'd be happy to trade for that.

Also got an 80s Ibanez CS-9 chorus but that's worth more so I'd be looking for the OC-3 plus cash for it. Also not entirely sure I want to sell, just throwing it out there.

Or happy to just buy it if that's an option