I have never used a pedal board in my life but I am familiar with them...I was just wondering if someone could give me a little advice on planning my chain for best results!!

ok so here it goes:


I am using the amp as the main overdrive and the TS-808 for more balls! And the MXR micro amp to do lead work.

How would I place these in order for best results?
True! And I have been...but something seems off! I'm thinking the MXR micro amp! I want to use it to push my shitty little 12AX7 in my VS 100 head so...by logic that would mean to place the MXR just before the Amp? or it doesn't really matter since the amp is last in the chain? I'm saying this because I have tried everything and it still sounds weird..not quite right. where would be the best place to put the MXR just for lead work?
i'd personally put the micro amp at the beginning of the chain (after the tuner)
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Personally I'd go; guitar > Tuner > Micro Amp > Wah > 808 > EQ > Amp.

Although experiment with every conceivable permutation until you settle on a sound you like. If you have the facility try setting up one way, recording it (noting down the settings and order), then try another combination and record it - so on and so forth. Then listen back to the recordings. Often what you hear when playing can sound different with a little distance and time...
yes I think it's just me! lol I'm just so used to my old rig that everything sounds much different! Not bad different but not my signature sound im soo used to! oh well...