OK so i've had a nylon strap with leather ends. its been giving alot of trouble and my SG has hit the floor once or twice cause of it. I'm getting a new strap that a definate but what im asking you guys is, is it worth forking out on something like planet waves strap locks (see link below) esp. cause the SG's are a neck heavy guitar, or should i just stick with a good leather ended strap?? Advice is appreciated

Unless you're going to swing your guitar 'round your body like Yngwie Malmsteen I suggest you just get a strap with a thick and hard leather end
I find the DiMarzio Clip-Lock straps pretty damn good, you take off the original strap buttons and screw them onto the guitar there, so theres pretty much no chance of it coming off. Theres a clip on either end to remove the strap.

Its really useful if you use a wireless system on several guitars, because you can just leave the transmitter attached to the strap and clip the strap onto whatever guitar you're using at that time.
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Schaller straplocks are what you need

Yeah they look pretty good exactly what i need cheers darkwolf291