I'm considering selling my Dean V because I have too many to play and hate to see it sitting around. I bought this guitar new for 500 and then added the EMG's so its basically a 700 dollar guitar but since its not about the cash and just want to see her go to a good home I thought I would just ask 450. Im open to offers or trades possibly for gear (no guitars) no point of getting rid of one just to add to the collection. Here are a couple pics of her. If you want a reference check, my name is ARThriller aswell on e bay so you can head over there and check it out.
Things go bump in the night, especially for 400. The pups alone cost 200 so you are basically getting this guitar for 200 dollars as well. Tell me that isnt a good deal. I am located in Arkansas if anyone from Tennessee or Missouri wants to check her out before buying. Pm for more details.
One last bump to be all end all....payment is accepted through paypal to ensure mine and the buyer's sanity doesn't slip away due to how hetic most online sales can be. PM me if you are interested as this will be the last time I bump to the top.