what recording s/w are you using.....you`ll get more from it with protools le which comes with the virtual instruments listed in the description.
ill be using it with fruity loops to control vsts like massive, fm7, and the basic ones from fruity loops.
it says it`s designed for protools on the avid site.....doesn`t state whether it`s exclusively designed for it though or whether you can use other 3rd party systems.


i`ve reported this thread to get it moved to rec and riffs where you will probably get better advice

edit:-if you click on the link above there`s 3 links on that page, for a interactive tour, pics and vid......in the vid it mentions what s/w it`s compatible with......might get one myself
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I have the axiom 69 and its really cool with the aftertouch cos you can make really expressive sounds that you can control naturally. However i only use 1 or 2 of the sliders and no other buttons so they are kind of overkill.
I've got the Axiom 49 and I like it a lot. Very sturdy feeling.
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