UK: Random parts fs, cables, whammy bars, jack plugs, 5 way switch etc. + CDs

Just trying to get a few more pennies in the bank.

First up, 6 neutrik style right angle 1/4" mono jack plugs. Gold tips. Good for making patch cables. Have been used so theres a little solder left inside them. But otherwise perfect.

£6.50 inc shipping for the 6

Ive got 3 whammy bars, all screw in ones, a black one with a black tip, silver one with white tip and a silver one with no tip. The ones with tips i believe are 6mm thread. The only one that fits into my MIM standard strat is the silver one with no tip, which i believe is 5mm.

£4 each inc shipping

5 multicoloured moulded 1/4" mono 6" patch cables, the cheap and cheefull kind, havent been used in a while. But they all still work fine.

£5 inc shipping

Also i have a black russian post 2000 big muff for spares/repair. I tried modding it ages ago, shorted something out, spent months trying to fix it and gave in, id personally reccomend using it for spares though, as i have no idea what ive done to it, and made a bit of a mess of it, if you get it working, id love to know what was wrong.

3PDT footswitch
Still has the original pots with knobs (one knob is missing)
The feet are missing
Theres no LED
The battery clip has been removed
The PCB is still intact and in okay condiiton
The enclosure itself is in great condition

So you might like it for a rehouse or something.

£10 inc shipping.

Also i have a few CDs, thought theyre listed on eBay, figured id see if anyone here wants them.

2 Motley Crue Albums's

Shout at the Devil
Classic Motley Crue - Remastered - The Universal Masters Collection

The cases have some light scuffing. The CDs have a few light surface scratches that don't affect the playback.

£5 inc shipping for the two

3 Kiss Albums's

The Best Of Volume 2 - The Millennium Collection
Psycho Circus
Greatest Hits

Both Greatest Hits and The Best Of have a fair few scratches, still perfectly playable. The Best of case has 2 cracks. Psycho Circus is practically mint as far as i can tell.

£6 inc shipping for the 3

Bank transfer prefered but i will use paypal. PM me thanks.
Unlucky, i sold it on music radar a few hours ago. Anything else that takes your interest?

I forgot to take out the 5 way switch out of the title too, i noticed when i was looking over it one of the lugs was bent...