Im looking for a new acoustic, im more of a blues, rock and metal player on electric but am playing more and more acoustic. The one i currently is pretty ok but it is like 40 years old so an upgrade would be nice (its an Egmond just in case your wondering, ive never heard of it before either). Acoustic wise i play almost anything so what im really looking for is a good all rounder, some nice tone with decent playability. Id also like something that is a nice size, nothing too big, something easily carried about. My budget is about 300 to 500 euro but am willing to push it higher for a good guitar. Any advice is very much appreciated.
small guitar but without a boxy tone. good volume, beautiful finish, all solid mahogany. fun to play, i actually bought this one and returned it for the one below, but although this one was a bit bright, with the right strings it sounds very good.

i own this one. same smaller size as the one above, a bit more volume, absolutely gorgeous guitar, all solid wood with mahogany back and sides, spruce top. comes with a very nice hardcase. my favorite guitar i've ever owned.

yamaha makes FS guitars, the smaller versions in the yamaha fg730. they come with yamaha strings, which aren't the best, but the guitars are good.

if you can find blueridge 000's where you are in your price range, the blueridge br-143, br-143A (wider nut), br-163 and br-163A are all solid and great sounding guitars. i've never played a blueridge i didn't like.
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