Here's a midi demo of what will probably become track 1 on my planned album that I'll never get around to recording! The sections will go longer on the recorded version but I didn't want to bore anyone without the vocals to keep you interested.

Give it a listen, lemme know what you think and drop a link to one of your songs so I can give you some critz.
Good Luck.gp5
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honestly lost for words

i wish i had your brain, you write what i wish i could write.

Good Job.
Such a good uplifting feel. I wanna know what the rest of this album would sound like.

For some reason, I imagined a story behind it, so if you could, make it a concept album then tell me the story. Please and thank you.
The album, in my perfect world, will be a perfect blend of MGMT's congratulations meets Radiohead's OK Computer clashed with some Interpol - Turn the Bright Lights On.

Well my concept is somewhat like the sections: you're born now, you exist now, blah blah angst I'm so deep now, good luck. Most of the lyrics will relate to that concept of society rules and how we're dictated to live but I wouldn't dare attempt to write a full blown concept album on that subject alone, and it'll be very abstract and full of metaphors, like my influences.

This song is my attempt at paranoid android with flash delirium.

Blah I'm rumbling on! I'm very happy you liked it!
Haha I even like the concept of it. Good luck with the rest of the writing process, and I hope you do get to record it one day
I don't really know what to say about this song, I was quite surprised at first.

well, most of the transitions are rather lacking. Life progresses continiously and not with sudden time and chord changes.

The first 30 abrs are pretty good, you caught that sprit of a lullaby and all the chord changes work. However, you may want to smooth out the mix in GP a bit, the second part is a pain to listen to.

The chord change in bar 31 is good, but the following chord changes are way too drastic and sudden. Sure, you can say that that is how you see life and since teenage is order now you could argue with that, but it will surely irritate the listener.

The transation to the following part is downright hideous.It's obvious that you kind of sacrificed musicality for the sake of the concept but it's totally possible to avoid that.

Also, the song practically has no real ending. it feels unresolved which really shouldn't be.

As I said before, I wonder how that intro would work on an actual album.
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Yeah, I wouldn't even begin to disagree that the transitions are weak. They've always been my weak point.

Thanks a lot for the crit! also I'll note that the markers have nothing to do with the song itself, just threw them on there for reference. I'm not trying to write a passage of life's progression here.