Im looking for a new acoustic, im more of a blues, rock and metal player on electric but am playing more and more acoustic. The one i currently is pretty ok but it is like 40 years old so an upgrade would be nice (its an Egmond just in case your wondering, ive never heard of it before either). Acoustic wise i play almost anything so what im really looking for is a good all rounder, some nice tone with decent playability. Id also like something that is a nice size, nothing too big, something easily carried about. My budget is about 300 to 500 euro but am willing to push it higher for a good guitar. Any advice is very much appreciated.
My best advice to you would be to go down to your local shop(s) and have a word with the guys who work there. Tell them your budget, and what you're looking for, and ask what they'd recommend.

Play damn near everything you can get your hands on, and go for whatever sounds best.
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Ya, my local guitar has a really good acoustic room, and I go in there and play for quite a while (usually the Taylor's, love them so much). You will most likely find something that you like.
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nothing too big? how bout an all solid guild GAD-m20 or GAD-f20? they're all solid, have a gorgeous finish, beautiful woods and sound great. while they sound smaller than a dread, they're not at all boxy sounding, and after all, robert johnson played a smaller guitar.

also might want to see if you can find a blueridge 000. their 000 models end in a 3, like a br-43 or br-143. and i gotta say they sound very very nice.

i've heard good things about the takamine new yorker, too - have only gotten to try one, and it was weird because it was a lefty and i'm not. still, sounded better to me than most lower cost taks, and a nice smaller size.
Breedlove do a Passport series, which are on the smaller size. I liked the Atlas D20 fs (at least, that's what my local shop has it labelled as)
A full size scale, so no worries about funny fret spacing, and a 7/8 size Dread body. Does away with the typical boomy bass of a big dreadnought, nice mids and highs.
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