I just have to post and tell everyone about another great builder that we have here on the forum. Glen DeRusha of Green Mountain Guitars. In my opinion, Glen builds some of the best playing and sounding acoustics out there today. He also builds and prices for the common working man, so when you check out his site and see his base price, dont let that fool you. I have one of his customs, a Dread with wedge body, fanned frets, sound port and it is hands down one of the best acoustics I have ever played !
Here are my specs.....
Top-Sitka Spruce
Back and Sides-East Indian Rosewood
Scale lengths-25" and 25 3/4"
Neck width at Nut-1 3/4"
String spacing at the nut-1 14/32"
String spacing at the bridge-2 1/4"
Neck-Honduras Mahogany
Fingerboard- Ebony
Head cap-Ebony
Nut and saddle-Bone
Tuners-Chrome Shaller Mini's
Inlay-Abalone Mountain Image on Headcap and Abalone Tiara Crown on the 12th fret
Body length-20 3/8"
Width at lower bout-16"
Width at upper bout-11 7/16"
Width at waist-10 7/8"
Body depth at neck-4"
Body depth at butt-4 15/16"
Body depth at drivers side-4 1/4"
Body depth at passenger side-5"
Perfling-Black/White/Black on the top. Ebony on the back.
Binding-Body and Neck Flamed Maple.
Rosette-Ebony with Abalone Inlay
Case-Hardshell case included


I,ll try and get some pics posted.

Have a great day
Bill Wise
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Sweet, I'll check this out!
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Quote by the1967mustang
Sweet, I'll check this out!

Glen is a great guy and builds some of the best acoustics out there today. I,ll get some pics from him and post them.

Have a great day everyone
The compensated frets look weird, but I bet it plays like a gem. Glen sounds like he's got some building skills.
Quote by GC Shred Off
The compensated frets look weird, but I bet it plays like a gem. Glen sounds like he's got some building skills.

When playing, you dont even notice that the frets are not standard. I have handed this to alot of players, everyone said the same thing, "you really cant tell the difference"

But when it comes to tone and balance, thats when you can really hear the difference it makes.