Hey man thanks for listening to my tunes, just listened to Hope. It's Great! Very to the point, and expressive. If anything it ended too soon (I was just starting to get really immersed in it by the time it ended) but you know what, if you've got something nice and elegant to say, it's usually best to put it right out there (if that makes sense). Funk off is nice too, listening to that as I write. out of curiosity, whats your bass setup? I like it, very round.
Dang, I like the smoothness of this. Your solo tone and note choices are great, and I like how the drums add to the vibe without taking over the whole thing. I thought a few places sounded just a bit off (in the more complex solo section I'm pretty sure) but other than that, really good piece.

Mind critting mine? It's in my sig.
Johnny: Thanks a lot! The bass actually just came from one of the default settings in the Pro Tools XPand Virtual Instrument. I was considering adding a real bass myself, but liked the tone so I stuck with it.

Blue: The link in your sig seems to be broked. Is there anywhere else I can hear your song?
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I'm listening right now: I wish the electric guitars & cymbals had a bit more treble, but that could be an mp3 thing. Otherwise I think it sounds quite good! Guitar playing is very good, especially the lead! Not sure if that's real electric bass, but it sounds OK. Overall, it's a good recording! Please review my music at this link:

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This is sooo good. i love your soloing style. how did you record the guitars?

Thanks a lot! Really appriciate it. Anyways, for the most part, I kept it really simple with recording the guitars. I just stuck a Sure SM-57 in front of my amp and hit record. However, on some tracks, I blended the mic with my cheap-but-impresive Apex 435 Condenser Mic. For the lead, I just added some delay in Pro Tools and gave the rhythm guitars some compression.

Thanks for all the crit everyone, keep it coming!
Hope is super smooth haha. I like it, your other songs are good as well. very talented musician, I must say. All your equipment sounds great too. Keep it up for sure.

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