I was wondering what would sound good on my acoustic guitar. Usually people say elixirs, but I'm not sure with the wood type and all. I want an in between with mellow and bright sound. more towards the mellow area, but i don't want it to be too mellow. I have a Washburn D100DL Acoustic Guitar.

Top/back/sides = mahogany
fingerboard and bridge = rosewood

Any suggestions for the kind of strings I should get, I can play barre chords perfectly fine with nanoweb strings, unless it gets to the top of the fretboard, middle is where my barre chords are best. I don't use a pick, I use my fingernail. Usually I have no problem playing barre chords at the top of the fretboard when I have polyweb strings, Just looking for some other options on strings, seeing if I can get the sound that I want. Thank you for the suggestions, comments, etc.
Elixir have recently released Phosphor Bronze Nanowebs.

So they would be mellower, but not so mellow as uncoated strings.
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I use D'Addario strings and I like them a lot. I put .11 gauges on my acoustic and it has a mellow/bright sound.
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I use D'addario Light , They're awsome .. Well in my opinion lol.

Best thing you can do... Try string's till you get one that fit you.
I think Cleartones are a good alternative to Elixirs and, in my opinion, have a better sound/feel to them. I use DR Sunbeam .12s, but they have a very mellow tone to them.
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I alternate between D'Addario EXP Lights and Ernie Ball Earthwood Extra lights.
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