EDIT: or edgeIII?
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The Edge Pro should be a definite fit, and is also a great overall choice for a trem system.
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Any Floyd Rose. Ibanez trems obviously. I suggest a Floyd though.
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is it an authentic jem body? if so... just look up the jem serious ?
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is it an authentic jem body? if so... just look up the jem serious ?

He clearly said it was a 'Chibanez', not a Ibanez.

Um, the Edge Pro, as stated.
Maybe the Gotoh unit would go in there too, a better unit again.
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Thanks! So since you guys all suggested different once. Does that mean tremolos (rather than the strat styled and other once) are of the same cavity and height?

Is there any indicators that the trems may not be working properly? Say the trem is sitting too high up on the guitar and so on.

I have a general idea of what to do... Putting a straight edge flat on the neck and checking the height would probably tell me if it's okay or not right?

Thanks for all the help!