After my rage-impulse buy backfired due to lack of funds, I wont be getting a $99 Lucero today from GC. Which is good. I play an electric (have 3 of em) but i'm actually not a metalhead, and long for something more. I've been listening to alot of flamenco style lately, and after learning Asilos Magdelena (easy song I know), I've realized I want to get myself a nylon string acoustic. I'd prefer something that isn't acoustic electric. Even when playing the electrics, I rarely ever use the amp. (mostly because its shit).

I'll be looking to spend no more than $200, as this is just a little experiment for me. I've been looking at a few Luceros. Anyone have any thoughts on these, or maybe something else?
From my experience, the cheap Yamahas are well worth their price. The C-40 for example, that's the beginner model.

There are also special flamenco guitars, but I can't give any recommendations for that...
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I was in a similar situation a few weeks ago. I mainly play electric, but always was interested in classical guitars. I didn't want to spend too much on it since I just wanted to dabble in it, but from all the research I did, Yamaha is one of the better companies to buy a starter guitar for < $400.

I was also going to buy a C-40, but ended up getting a used Yamaha CG101 (I think it's a slightly higher model than the C-40, retails for $200) instead since I found one used at GC in new condition for $120. I think it's pretty important to try it out if you can to see how the voicing of the instrument is. I've played some in the 4-500 range and found some to be overly bassy.
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