It's been a while since I pulled out my electric, but I recently bought new strings (after like 2 years), and decided to go back to my roots haha. Covered this song after not touching metal for something like 2 years. Naturally there are some flaws here and there, but i'm really happy with the way it turned out. All crits appreciated

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Hi there,

I wouldn't say I'm a huge Iron Maiden (I listen to classic rock, jazz, pop, baroque, etc), but I like some of their work. I haven't heard this song before, because I'd say you've done a great job on it!
Sounds like you've been playing metal for years and years, technique and tone is great. How do you record? Because you've got a very big sound coming through my speakers (particularly on the harmonies at the start, with the backing guitar doing those stabs).

Can't hear any flaws on the first listen, a cool recording! Play everyday!!!

Keep it up!

C4C? I've also got a Frank sinatra cover on my channel if you like that sort of music
Awesome cover man. Maiden is my favourite band. You nailed the tone, sould very clean too.