So this is my second cover of wish you were here, my first was just using the array on my laptop. Since then I have bought an interface and just started learning reaper.

I know my voice isnt really good, does anyone have tips on helping my voice become more tolerable? I'm really just looking to be able to sing along while playing without have people tell me to stop ( happens alot).

Also any tips or comments on the recording quality or anything is also greatly appreciated. thanks.


its on my profile as "wish you were here 2"
Hi, thanks for the crit on my Queen cover... much appreciated!

Ok, firstly I really like the tones you've got on your guitar here. What do you record with? Which specific interface?
The voice has a lot of potential, I would say try to do some more scales daily. Within a week, you'll notice a big difference. Also try to 'focus' your voice more, so it has more presence - and breathe from your belly. It seems like you're holding back a tiny bit here.

Guitars sit nicely in the mix, I would say add some compression to the vocals to make them sound a bit more even. At the moment, the volumes vary a lot for them.

Overall, I actually really like this. I like how you're trying with vocals, and how you would like to improve.
Keep it up!
Thanks man.

Right now I'm using reaper, with a ART project series usb dual preamp.

Thanks again for the tips on the vocals, and I'll try to start working with compression.