Hi, I'm considering being a rhythm guitarist for a band right now and I want to know what's a good guitar for playing rhythm. Right now I have a Peavey Predator Plus, it's an older model of the guitar, the clerk at Music Go Round said it's late 90s/early 00s, but I'm thinking about saving some cash so I can buy this:

or this:

In the end I'll probably go with the Les Paul because they're similar to Gibson Invaders which are my favorite guitars next to Fender Jaguars, also it costs less.

Anyways, if anyone can make a recommendation for a good guitar for just rhythm, that would be great. Thanks.
I'd say Les Paul. They're not bad for leads, but to me, their deeper, darker tone is perfect for rhythms.

A Telecaster could work too since it'll be more subdued than a lead guitar, but they're not fit for as many genres. Still nice though.

fwiw I'm GASing for a Tempest- they're sexy, they feel great, and they sound great. I'd go with that, the sound difference won't be horrible.
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if u can get around $800 go for an epiphone les paul custom silverburst or black beauty 3 both of which sound way "fatter" than the epi lp standard
I would go with the Les Paul if I were you, for the same reason that Pink Muse stated.
Gibson Explorer. I have it and I'm a rock/metal rhythm guitarist. I have never heard a guitar that sounds so deep and warm, it's perfect for rhythm.
You can play rythm with any guitar, just as you can play lead with about any guitar.

For strictly rythm I would simply stay away from tremolo-bridges, but that's it.
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What kind of amp do you have? Genre?
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Have you considered a Fender Strat?? They give you a choice of both single and double coil pick ups. The frets are wide, thus allowing easy playing of fast chord progressions.

My amp right now is a Fender Frontman 15g, and I use a Digitech Bad Monkey pedal for distortion.

I have looked into getting a Strat, but whenever I go to a guitar store and play one, it just doesn't "grab" me like Les Pauls or the Tempest did.

I think I'm going to save my money for just a bit longer and get an Epiphone Les Paul Custom or look around pawn shops in my area to see if they have any Gibsons that could be fixed up.
The telecaster could produce more of a rythym function but the les paul has mutch better qualitys i oersonaly would pick the lp for thee same state that pink muse said ...
I say go for the schecter. For rhythm, I like the necks on schecter guitars. They sort of inhibit my lead playing, but they feel absolutely great for rythym
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You can play rythm with any guitar, just as you can play lead with about any guitar.

For strictly rythm I would simply stay away from tremolo-bridges, but that's it.

Thats kind of the way I think about it. But, there are certain guitars that are better suited for different styles.
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kind of a strange question op. you can play rhythm on whatever you want. it all depends on what sound you are going for. if you want a thick sound, go for something like a gibson with humbuckers in it. if you want brighter, think more like a fender with single coils. although both can be made to sound more or less like the other with the right setup.

imo the only thing that sets apart a "rhythm guitar" and a "lead guitar" is the playability. some guitars make soloing seem so easy while others are a little harder to play. the ones that are harder to play i would consider using more for rhythm parts because im not expecting to play fast fluid runs on it.

another thing imo would be pickups. i would want a min of a 3 way selector to achieve different tones. although that would be good for lead too. pretty much any guitar thats good for lead, would most likely be good for rhythm. unless you like a completely different sound for lead and rhythm.

i have seen one guitar that is basically an acoustic electric guitar. its a solid body with no cutaway and is designed actually for rhythm players. i forget what its called but maybe look up "solidbody acoustic electric" or something. it might be too much money though.
Personally I love Schecters so I'd say the Tempest because it's mahogany like the les paul and it has a coil split to give the humbuckers a pretty convincing single coil tone. Besides the tempest is just a nice all around guitar
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