I'm not sure if this belongs here, but here goes.

I recently bought one, and when I hear my recorded stuff from the H2 it sounds fine in volume, but when I transfer it over to my computer, the volume goes down

I mean yeah "turn up the volume" it shouldn't be like that should it? When I hear other songs I have by other artists on the computer I listen to them at a reasonable level and they sound fine to me and loud enough

but not with my recordings. Would I have to get an edditing software to fix this?
do you just pop the sd card over or how are you transferring it?

also check the recording volume level. hit the volume up/down when recording to see if it's set too low.

i never read the manual, but haven't had the issue you are having. it was easy enough for me to figure out. (not being sarcastic, it just did what i wanted to out of the box. )
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when I'm done recording, I just take the sf card it out of the h2 and put it in my laptop

and yeah, the recording volume was pretty high. around 118