Basically I want to be a rock singer, like Chris Cornell in his audioslave days, sort of that kind of heavy voice, and anything like that. Bands like Audioslave, Mr. Big, Hendrix, basically an all round rock vocalist. (I know there pretty different styles, but like that.

But thing is, I don't really sing, I can't. Well I can, but I'm not that good; I'm a begginer. What can I do to get better short of getting a teacher?e xercises? Just singing along with my favourite songs would be a good way right? I'm a bit of a pussy though, as in I have to be home alone to sing, and thats, every week or 2..

So yeah, anyway of help or tips to help me become better would be great
Dude I'm no vocalist but when I'm trying to make money by playing on the street I'm always singing so people can here and honestly I'm a terrible singer. But, it gets them to throw money into my case so it works.

But basically the point of what I'm saying. just sing and **** what people think.
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