He said it had a bad ass bridge on it and a different pickup and a solo switch??? and that the head was repaired. He also said it is currently set up for lefty players and was from the 60's. He is selling it for $200, this thing legit?
image 1927171645-0.jpg
image 1927171645-1.jpg
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image 1927171645-2.jpg
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it certainly looks legit. if i were you i would not buy it. theres been too much done to it and to be honest i wouldnt trust any guitar/bass with headstock repair.
It looks good to me. If i were you I'd get it. For 200 bucks you really can't go wrong.

Who knows it might end up being a diamond in the ruff
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My gawd, ive always thought Gibsons are ugly as shit. I wouldnt buy it just for that reason alone.
Do you have $200 to spare? It's not worth much to a vintage collector if he isn't including the original parts, but you still might find it to be a good bass. Contact the seller and see if he'll let you try it out.
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